Lyme Action Network – Providing Information and Building Awareness about Lyme and Other Tick-borne Diseases


Located in upstate New York, the Lyme Action Network works locally and in collaboration with other groups throughout the U.S. and Canada in efforts to educate the general public, the medical community, public policy officials, and the media about the rapidly evolving understandings about tick-borne diseases. Our goal is to improve awareness of not only the diseases, but also of the ongoing, dynamic, and important emerging research findings.

Executive Board of Directors
Christina T. Fisk, President
Holly Ahern, Vice President
Jeff Levy
Christine Levy
Nancy Elson Fritch
Jennifer Goldstock, NP


Christina Fisk, President, and Holly Ahern, Vice President, joined forces in 2009 with the common experience of having daughters who’d been negatively impacted by the poor CDC standard of care available for Lyme patients. Ms. Fisk, a principle at JIMAPCO, Inc., and Ms. Ahern, a professor of microbiology at SUNY Adirondack, have worked closely with members of the local community as well as with Lyme disease experts and advocates from across the country to drive change in Lyme disease policy at state and federal levels. They are founding members of the New York State Coalition on Lyme and Tick-borne Diseases, and participate in advisory capacities on a range of local, state, and national initiatives.